About Us

Our Vision

Creating diversified real estate developments that deliver value to stakeholders.


Our Mission

To dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with the most reliable products and services in the real estate industry, tailored to meet the diverse needs and aimed at fostering a long term business relationship.

value proposition

Value Proposition

We are excellence driven, we put our clients’ needs at the centre of our research, innovation and development. We build your dream.

About Us

Who we are and what we do

Hall 7 Real Estate Limited is a leading contemporary real estate development company based in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. We provide exceptionally high quality residential and commercial properties that deliver quantitative value to our clients. We like to think that investing in our properties is the beginning of a family legacy.

At the heart of Hall 7 real estate’s culture lies the desire to deliver value to our customers. From the selection of its development partners to the handover of keys, the Company endeavor’s to keep its promise to make sure every detail is flawless.

To ensure developments are delivered to the highest possible standards thereby meeting the expectations of its customers by providing luxury, comfort and value which is common to all our developments. The constant quest to be extraordinary is what has inspired Hall7 Real estate not to focus solely on delivering quality projects but also to offer investment advisory services that ensure sustained return on investment.

Honesty, Integrity, Commitment and Quality are values we are driven by that form the core of our organization.

Persistent Innovation

We ensure that our designs are innovative to meet your contemporary needs and classic to remain relevant in architectural history. We build homes that become inheritances

Customer Centric

We are customer oriented, we place the needs of our clients at the center of our research and development. We follow up clients’ requests with design modifications, flexible payment plans and dedicated Investment Advisors.

Quality Assurance

We deliver value for the investment you make with us. Our quality assurance is industry renown and we ensure safety and best practices at all times.

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SPEED DIAL : 08094448555

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